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Business owners typically work long, strenuous hours during the week, and quite often sacrifice weekends of freedom to focus on managing and growing their business. Are they workaholics? Perhaps, but these driven individuals work diligently because they are pursuing their dreams. They find great value in what they are accomplishing.


There are many interpretations of the “American Dream.” If you were to conduct a survey, most would define the “dream” from a personal perspective: having the ability to acquire personal property, pursue higher education, provide for their family, or perhaps prepare for a comfortable retirement. The “American Dream” has evolved over time into so much more than simply the ability to purchase a home and live comfortably. Being a business owner in the United States affords us all the opportunity to improve our lives. Some believe that the “American Dream” is a dying vision, whether because of political or economic changes, or the fact that higher education doesn’t necessarily guarantee security or financial success. Thankfully, there are still those who believe that with hard work and determination, their dreams will become reality. These optimists are the entrepreneurs of America.


For the majority of entrepreneurs, the American dream seems to become harder and harder to attain. Often, many business owners are overwhelmed with managing various business priorities. Not only are they feeling the pressure to acquire sales and grow profits, they are also responsible for remaining relevant in their target market, attracting and retaining great employees, tracking inventory, staying compliant, ensuring quality control, and maintaining financial stability. As their business grows, so do the additional layers of complexity and stress.


At Agemni, we thrive on the success of businesses that utilize our services. We realize that it’s the entrepreneurial spirit of business owners like you that keeps the American Dream alive. Our goal is to support you by providing the tools you need to manage your customers, sales, schedules, payroll, inventory, and so much more. At Agemni, our dream is that you achieve yours. Our business is to power yours.